Launched in 2006 against the kaleidoscopic backdrop and unique aesthetic of the competitive track racing and custom bike scene in Japan, Tokyo Fixed started out as a web-based shop offering top quality bike products and apparel aimed at appealing to the serious bike enthusiast – wherever they are in the world.

Opening our London shop in Soho in 2009 has allowed us to build on our ambitions and focus in squarely on what we love the most – building beautiful custom bikes. With a penchant for those lesser known, hard to find and less ‘commercial’ parts, we source products from what we believe to be some of the finest brands on the planet. With a cool, admiring eye on high quality products, conscientiously designed and with a passion for marrying together both style and function, we take our love of bikes, skills and experience to help bring our customers’ bespoke-build dreams into shining life.